The Server-Agnostic Solution

Inigo offers a server-agnostic platform that removes barriers by seamlessly connecting into any open-source or commercial GraphQL server.

Simply put, Inigo is the only GraphQL management solution that works flawlessly with whatever is already working for you.

Inigo Agnostic

Your Pick: Gateway, Sidecar, or Middleware

Inigo fits most deployment environments, whether it is a JS-middleware, sidecar (ex. Kubernetes, AWS Fargate, and Docker Compose), or even as a hosted or on-premise gateway.

Inigo Deployment Options

Integrate Quickly and Easily

In 20 minutes or less, you’ll be ready to go with Inigo and get:

  • On-premise query level security enforcements
  • On-premise access control and rate limiting
  • Cloud control plan for analytics and CI/CD configurations
Inigo Deployment Overview

Ready to get Moving?

Let’s walk you through a better way to tackle GraphQL API development.