Standard monitoring tools overlook GraphQL query insights, and valuable BI is often lost. Gain a unique and in-depth understanding of GraphQL usage—at any scale—through granular insights into the field level, query paths, and server health.

Query level inspection

Granular search filters

Insightful aggregate views

Usage heatmap

Schema checks

Understand usage and patterns

Plan your schema roadmap with real traffic usage data to gather unique BI for future planning.


Quick diffs

Simple schema navigation makes it easy to quickly identify, review, and share schema version differences and highlight deprecated and tagged fields.

API Lifecycle

Check against live traffic

Become better prepared for schema changes and field deprecation with zero to minimal impact on your customers. Inigo inspects changes and compares them against real traffic to alert API outages.


CI/CD tolling

Integrate schema checks and composition as part CI/CD to detect break changes during the development lifecycle.

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