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Don’t stay in the dark. Get deep GraphQL analytics.

GraphQL is a blind spot for most engineers and security teams. Proper contextualized analytics and error handling is critical for healthy GraphQL systems at scale. Learn more about how Inigo can help with query-level granularity and subgraph visibility.

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Be the GraphQL security hero

GraphQL introduces a new paradigm of attack surfaces and vulnerabilities. Get ahead of abusers with runtime query protection, schema-base access control, and object-base rate limiting.

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Develop like no one else

Integrate schema checks to leverage real usage as part of the CI/CD pipeline. Dive into query performance, schema coverage, and heavy resource queries for future schema planning.

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Operate at scale

We got this. Inigo can help with dedicated GraphQL server health dashboards and Object-based alerts for mission-critical fields and mutations.

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Everybody wins


Custom builds are time-consuming and expensive. With better tooling around CI/CD integration, developers are free to focus on their core tasks.

Platform team

Scaling GraphQL creates unique operational challenges. Our tools eliminate development and delivery hassles, while a self-serve workflow keeps your projects moving forward.

Security architects

What keeps you up at night — DDoS attacks, data leaks, access control? Now you can check off everything on your GraphQL security to-do list.

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