Universal Security Layer for Modern Applications Using GraphQL

Standard API security gateways are blind to GraphQL calls and can be easily bypassed — leaving GraphQL adopters exposed to DOS attacks and data leaks.   Inigo offers a server agnostic security layer that protects and reports abusive and malicious attacks.

"We have yet to see such a thorough and thoughtful automated security approach to GraphQL. We can say that Inigo did an excellent job of eliminating GraphQL's attack surface."


GraphQL is vulnerable, but your API doesn’t have to be. Our robust security features protect your work and end-user data from savvy cyberthreats.

GraphQL Abuse Protection

Abuse Protection

GraphQL security guardrails to handle vulnerabilities, DDOS attacks, and injection attacks.

GraphQL Access Control

Access Control

Path-based and role-based superset access control with role-based introspection.

Inigo Data Leak Prevention

Data Leak Prevention

Apply data classification and prevent sensitive data leakage.

Dynamic Rate Limiting

Dynamic Rate Limiting

Easily control server load with our dynamic credit-based cost analysis.

GraphQL Analytics and BI

Gain a unique understanding of how clients and other users operate GraphQL.   Inigo unlocks first-class monitoring and observability tools to help operate GraphQL servers at scale and leverage real-time data to reduce breaking-changes incidents.

Inigo Usage

Scale and Operations

Get the most out of GraphQL usage. Inigo is your long-term partner and resource.

Explore GraphQL Analytics


Track usage patterns, optimize performance, and perform thorough security investigations.

Inigo GraphQL Visibility


Enjoy new ways to explore usage with path views and schema heatmaps.

GraphQL Schema Versioning

Schema Versioning

Benefit from CI/CD integration to detect break changes and ease field deprecation.

Inigo GraphQL Safe And Secure

Server Health

Quickly uncover GraphQL functional issues with ongoing traffic monitoring.

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