Address vulnerabilities

Avoid resource-heavy, in-house tools that are costly to maintain and prone to errors. Inigo offers the absolute best developer experience around GraphQL so you can scale with confidence and efficiency.

GraphQL’s security blindspot

Standard API gateways are blind to GraphQL attacks. Without purpose-built protection for GraphQL, API calls can be easily bypassed. This lack of sophisticated tooling has already led to high-profile DoS attacks and data leaks.


GraphQL attacks are on the rise

GraphQL, in its free-form nature, opens the door to a new paradigm of attack surfaces and vulnerabilities. Attackers leverage new ways to abuse and extract data.

Boost visibility

Standard WAFs and API security leave you exposed

GraphQL error handling is a blindspot for most engineers and security teams. Standard WAF will only look at HTTP headers, unable to contextualize and differentiate between:

Successful calls
Server errors
Rate limiting
Operation errors
Authorization errors
Subgraph owner
Ask yourself:
During incident response involving GraphQL APIs, how do you investigate what data was accessed? Do you have the right tools in place?
Achieve compliance

Meet compliance mandates

Stay compliant with security audits and regulations. Provable security and easily-accessible reports ensure your next certificate.


Full audit trail

Provides a high level of control over data access with Query-level granularity:

  • Identify potential security breaches
  • Detect unauthorized access
  • Pinpoint specific operations and mutations
  • Filter accessed data based on objects, paths, users, and roles

Data leaks protection

Achieve compliance with GDPR and CCPA by implementing PII detection in:

  • Tagged objects
  • JSON blurbs
  • Stack traces
  • GraphQL error messages

Alerts for remediation

Certain objects and mutations, are crucial to the mission of your organization. When errors occur with these critical objects or mutations, it is important to quickly identify, elevate and alert the appropriate team.

Scale Your Operations

Avoid resource-heavy in-house tools that are costly to maintain and prone to errors. Inigo offers the absolute best developer experience around GraphQL, so you can scale with confidence and efficiency.

System overview

Monitor all subgraphs and services at one glance.


Service health

A complete view of service and subgraph state with smart widgets for quick actions.


SubGraph breakdowns

Understand each GraphQL SubGraph usage patterns.



Agnostic Solution

The server-agnostic solution

Inigo offers a platform-agnostic solution that removes barriers and opens possibilities for any open-source or commercial GraphQL server.

Simply put, Inigo is the only GraphQL management solution that works flawlessly with whatever is already working for you.

Agnostic solution

Your Pick: Gateway, Sidecar, or Middleware

Inigo fits most deployment environments, whether it is a middleware, sidecar (ex. Kubernetes, AWS Fargate, and Docker Compose), or even as a hosted or on-premise gateway.

Gateway, Sidecar, or Middleware
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