Get the most out of GraphQL with Inigo's one-stop-shop platform for complete GraphQL protection and adoption.

Your Complete GraphQL Security and Management Platform

We take GraphQL to the next level. Inigo is a dynamic plug-and-play platform that works with any GraphQL server. With schema-based access control, granular analytics, dynamic rate-limiting, an intuitive interface, and plenty more, Inigo is everything you need to speed up your API adoption.

Complete GraphQL Solution

Boost GraphQL Protection to Ensure Compliance

Standard API gateways are blind to GraphQL attack surfaces. Without purpose-built protection for GraphQL, API calls can be easily bypassed. This lack of sophisticated tooling has led to high-profile DoS attacks and data leaks.


Understand GraphQL Patterns to Improve Application Performance

Standard monitoring tools overlook GraphQL query insights, and valuable BI is often lost. Gain a unique and in-depth understanding of GraphQL usage—at any scale—through granular insights into the field level, query paths, and server health.


Streamline Your GraphQL for a Better Developer Experience

Avoid resource-heavy in-house tools that are costly to maintain and prone to errors. Inigo offers the absolute best developer experience around GraphQL, so you can scale with confidence and efficiency.

Streamline GraphQL

Everybody wins

Everyone Wins

Custom builds are time-consuming and expensive. With better tooling around CI/CD integration, developers are free to focus on their core tasks.


Scaling GraphQL creates unique operational challenges. Our tools eliminate development and delivery hassles, while a self-serve workflow keeps your projects moving forward.


What keeps you up at night — DDoS attacks, data leaks, access control? Now you can check off everything on your GraphQL security to-do list.