GraphQL for Platform Teams.

Gain instant monitoring and protection into GraphQL APIs. Unblock platform teams and accelerate GraphQL adoption.

“By far, this is the best GraphQL tool - Inigo has been so dope for helping us understand customer impact when something goes wrong. We can see how many unique users were affected in a few clicks. Love that Observe tab!”

Wherever you are on your GraphQL journey, Inigo can help.

Inigo expedite GraphQL adoption and help at all stages of its journey.

Developer Safeguards
Expanding the GraphQL toolbox and laying a strong foundation for future development.
Collaboration and observability are needed to speed up product delivery between GraphQL subgraph tenets.
GraphQL’s influence extends beyond the frontend and backend engineering teams. It involves GraphQL collaboration as impacting various organizational teams
Compliance & Governance
The ability to answer audit trail questions like “Who can access what?” and later on, “Who accessed what?

The right type of monitoring

GraphQL is a blind spot for most platform teams and GraphQL owners. Proper contextualized analytics, observability and error handling is critical for healthy GraphQL systems at scale. Learn more about how Inigo can help with deep granularity, subgraph visibility and alerts.

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The right level of dev tools

Prevent breaking changes to your federated GraphQL schema by publishing and validating the subgraphs with Inigo. Inigo supports composition, registry and break changes.

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The right amount of security

GraphQL introduces a new paradigm of attack surfaces and vulnerabilities. Get ahead of abusers with runtime query protection, schema-base access control, and object-base rate limiting.


The right way to explore

Inigo’s IDE enhances essential GraphQL playground features with innovative capabilities and a unified interface. Sreamling collaboration workflows and improving productivity for developers working with GraphQL.


All the features you need for any GraphQL deployment

Inigo’s abstraction layer, connect to any GraphQL server of gateway, and provides tools to scale GraphQL with confidence.

Ready to accelerate your GraphQL adoption?
Getting Started

Supported by all GraphQL Servers/Gateways Inigo acts as a powerful companion, seamlessly connecting with any existing open-source or commercial GraphQL implementation you already have.