Take GraphQL to the Next Level.

inigo is a complete, enterprise-ready platform to help software teams build secure GraphQL APIs faster and smarter — with advanced security and operational tools to fast-track GraphQL adoption and scale.

With inigo, you’re ready to go.

Integrate in less than 20 minutes and get instant protection:

  • →  Eliminate GraphQL vulnerabilities, security bugs and gaps.
  • →  Scale with confidence on a secure, enterprise-ready platform.
  • →  Work faster without the need for custom builds or workarounds.
  • →  Shorten the learning curve and save time for core dev tasks.
  • →  Use seamlessly with any open-source or commercial GraphQL server.

We’re almost ready for release — and you can help us get there!

inigo is looking for Beta Users in GraphQL API development and software security roles. Let us know if your team is interested and we’ll be in touch.

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