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The GraphQL Platform

API management platform offering the best developer experience for GraphQL security, compliance, analytics, and CI/CD.

GraphQL is great, but we’re making it amazing. Inigo was designed for businesses ready to discover a powerful and reliable GraphQL solution.
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Universal Security Layer for Modern Applications Using GraphQL

Standard API security gateways are blind to GraphQL calls and can be easily bypassed — leaving GraphQL adopters exposed to DOS attacks and data leaks.

Inigo offers a server agnostic security layer that protects and reports abusive and malicious attacks.

"While [GraphQL] solves real-world problems, proper implementation is left up to developers who often don’t fully understand how to secure their API."

GraphQL Analytics and BI

Gain a unique understanding of how clients and other users operate GraphQL.

Inigo unlocks first-class monitoring and observability tools to help operate GraphQL servers at scale and leverage real-time data to reduce breaking-changes incidents.
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Empower Your Team



Custom builds are time-consuming and expensive. With better tooling around CI/CD integration, developers are free to focus on their core tasks.



Scaling GraphQL creates unique operational challenges. Our tools eliminate development and delivery hassles, while a self-serve workflow keeps your projects moving forward.



What keeps you up at night — DDoS attacks, data leaks, access control? Now you can check off everything on your GraphQL security to-do list.

Optimize GraphQL Projects


Safe & Secure

Defend from GraphQL parser and resolver attacks.


Access Control

Enforce profile-based and path-based access control.


GraphQL Analytics

Quickly understand GraphQL usage patterns.


Built for Speed

Work faster with a high-throughput and low-latency platform.



Use with any open-source or commercial GraphQL server.


Smooth Integration

Integrate in less than 20 minutes. Yep, THAT fast.

Discover Inigo

Our experience with GraphQL and product development inspired us to empower API developers with a better platform.
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