GraphQL Managed Schema

Inigo will introspect your service’s GraphQL schema, or you can leverage Inigo’s integrated schema registry. Either way, Inigo will allow you to visualize and track changes to your schema over time and correlate the schema with usage metrics.

Schema view

See not only the current GraphQL schema deployed but also prior versions. Filter and search your schema for relevant information that also contains handy links to Inigo Analytics.


Schema diff

Simple schema navigation makes it easy to quickly identify, review, and share schema version differences and highlight deprecated and tagged fields.


Schema check

Become better prepared for schema changes and field deprecation with zero to minimal impact on your customers. Inigo inspects changes and compares them against real traffic to alert API outages.


Schema heatmap

Correlate your schema with usage metrics to understand which types and fields are the most and least utilized in your schema, either by the number of operations or by the number of objects.


Schema coverage

Understand usage and patterns and plan your schema roadmap with real traffic usage data to gather unique BI for future planning.

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