Schema Management

Inigo's DevTools for schema management are essential for any GraphQL ecosystem, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. Compatible with any GraphQL server, these tools are designed to expedite development roadmaps and support operability at scale. By streamlining schema management processes, Inigo ensures that developers can focus on innovation and growth, rather than getting bogged down by the complexities of schema handling. This adaptability and ease of use make Inigo's DevTools a crucial asset for teams aiming to harness the full potential of GraphQL in their projects.

Schema navigator

See not only the current GraphQL schema deployed but also prior versions, including schema diffs. Filter and search your schema for relevant information that also contains handy links to Inigo Analytics.


Registry and composition

Registry and Composition tools, compatible with Apollo Federation Specification versions 1 and 2, streamlines schema management by composing and versioning schemas either locally or in the cloud.

Schema activity

Track all schema activities in a detailed activity log, and see if the passed validation checks. The Activity view provides a comprehensive overview of schema changes and interactions, facilitating better tracking and management of schema evolution over time


Schema checks

Schema Checks ensure schema integrity by verifying changes against real production data, seamlessly integrating into the developer's lifecycle for robust and reliable schema evolution.


Schema linting

Schema Linting enforces coding standards and best practices, ensuring cleaner, more efficient, and error-free GraphQL schema development.


CI/CD Pipeline Integration

Integrate subgraph and composition schema checks as part CI/CD to detect break changes during the development lifecycle.

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