Building a Secure and Resilient GraphQL Platform

We created Inigo to deliver a server-agnostic, enterprise-ready solution that empowers developers to increase GraphQL adoption and scale with confidence. Our team is committed to building smart, intuitive tools to better run and secure your GraphQL API.

GraphQL meets Inigo

Meet the Founders


Shahar Binyamin


Shahar is an experienced product leader who’s proud to be part of an innovative platform that removes the burden of security and operation from busy GraphQL API developers.


Eitan Joffe


Eitan is an experienced technology leader and early adopter of GraphQL API. He and the Inigo team are building the tools he wishes he'd had at Apstra, Observe Technologies and other companies.

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Join the startup team helping API developers get the best from GraphQL.

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You’ve Adopted GraphQL. Now What?

Security concerns. Scale-up challenges. Limited tooling. We know what your team is up against — so we built a better solution.