Your alternative for Apollo GraphOS

Inigo surpasses Apollo GraphOS with analytics, security, federation, and developer productivity features. We also support Inigo middleware for open-source Apollo Router and Gateway; you maintain control over how and where you deploy them. Also, Inigo supports heterogeneous GraphQL servers, allowing you to adopt GraphQL technology stacks other than Apollo.

Control Your GraphQL Destiny

Inigo's GraphQL platform empowers you to evolve your GraphQL technology stack and architecture without the constraints of vendor lock-in associated with Apollo. By choosing Inigo over GraphOS, you maintain control over your GraphQL destiny while adopting a superior platform. This represents a win-win scenario for your future in GraphQL, with Inigo offering the unique blend of flexibility and advanced features required for your journey.

Apollo GraphOS vs. Inigo

Apollo GraphOS
Enterprise GraphQL SaaS Platform
GraphQL Schema Search
Sandbox GraphQL IDE
Operation Collections / Saved Queries
User / Group Management
Enterprise Single Sign-On
Server and Gateway Support
GraphOS Cloud-Hosted and Apollo Server / Gateway / Router
ANY GraphQL Server with Inigo middleware including Apollo Server / Gateway / Router
GraphQL Analytics
Operation Metrics (i.e. Latencies, Errors)
Operation Signatures
Operation Search Filters
Operation-Based Slack Alerts
Operation Search Group By
Individual Operation Drill Down
Object Counts
Field Usage / Field Insights
Subgraph Tracing
Operation Replay
Schema Coverage / Heat Map
GraphQL Security
GraphQL Operation Limits
(Limited, Enterprise Only)
Basic Rate Limiting (Global)
(Router Only)
Advanced Rate Limiting (Role / Object)
Schema Subsets / Separation
(Using GraphOS Contracts)
(Directives, Subsets)
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
JWT Authentication
(Router Only)
Developer Tooling/DevOps
Alerts + Slack Integration
CLI, CI/CD, GitHub Actions
Configuration as Code
GraphQL Managed Federation + Schema Management
Apollo Federation Composition
Schema Registry
(Cloud Only)
(Cloud or Self-Hosted)
Composition & Operation Checks
Local Schema Composition
Schema Versioning and Diff
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