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GraphOS migration eBook

GraphOS migration eBook

Learn how to successfully switch from Apollo GraphOS Studio to Inigo with this detailed eBook. Covering a step-by-step migration guide and case-studies.

Apollo GraphOS vs. Inigo

Apollo GraphOS
Enterprise GraphQL SaaS Platform
GraphQL Schema Search
Sandbox GraphQL IDE
Operation Collections / Saved Queries
User / Group Management
Enterprise Single Sign-On
Server and Gateway Support
GraphOS Cloud-Hosted and Apollo Server / Gateway / Router
ANY GraphQL Server with Inigo middleware including Apollo Server / Gateway / Router
GraphQL Analytics
Operation Metrics (i.e. Latencies, Errors)
Operation Signatures
Operation Search Filters
Operation-Based Slack Alerts
Operation Search Group By
Individual Operation Drill Down
Object Counts
Field Usage / Field Insights
Subgraph Tracing
Operation Replay
Schema Coverage / Heat Map
GraphQL Security
GraphQL Operation Limits
(Limited, Enterprise Only)
Basic Rate Limiting (Global)
(Router Only)
Advanced Rate Limiting (Role / Object)
Schema Subsets / Separation
(Using GraphOS Contracts)
(Directives, Subsets)
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
JWT Authentication
(Router Only)
Developer Tooling/DevOps
Alerts + Slack Integration
CLI, CI/CD, GitHub Actions
Configuration as Code
GraphQL Managed Federation
+ Schema Management
Apollo Federation Composition
Schema Registry
(Cloud Only)
(Cloud or Self-Hosted)
Composition & Operation Checks
Local Schema Composition
Schema Versioning and Diff

Inigo, drop-in replacement for Apollo GraphOS

Evolve your GraphQL technology stack and architecture without the constraints of vendor lock-in associated with Apollo and with no pipeline changes. By choosing Inigo over GraphOS, you maintain control over your GraphQL destiny while adopting a superior platform. A win-win scenario for your future in GraphQL, with Inigo offering the unique blend of flexibility and advanced features required for your GraphQL journey.

Inigo GraphQL — Apollo GraphOS Alternative
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Supported by all GraphQL Servers/Gateways, Inigo acts as a powerful companion, seamlessly connecting with any existing open-source or commercial GraphQL implementation.