GraphQL Explorer

Inigo’s Explorer offers the essential functions of a GraphQL playground, plus unique features through an integrated interface. Explorer emphasizes workflow efficiency, incorporating advanced tracing tools and a unified interface for managing queries.

Schema browser

With Explorer, you can easily navigate the GraphQL schema that is available on your introspection endpoint.


Query editor

Explorer has an advanced query editor that offers auto-completion and the ability to build queries by clicking types and fields from your schema.


Query history

Explorer maintains a history of your queries and resulting responses, allowing you to look back at previous executions. Additionally, you can re-execute queries as needed.


Preflight scripts

Explorer supports Preflight Scripts that allow you to execute the JavaScript code necessary to authenticate and store a token that can be used to authenticate queries run in Explorer.


Saved query collections

Having a core set of GraphQL queries that you need for testing or debugging purposes is common. Explorer lets you create Collections of queries that are saved and organized for persistent use.


Shared queries

Explorer allows query collections to be shared across the team, allowing a standard set of queries to be used for developing and testing GraphQL APIs.

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Supported by all GraphQL Servers/Gateways, Inigo acts as a powerful companion, seamlessly connecting with any existing open-source or commercial GraphQL implementation.