GraphQL Managed federation

Prevent breaking changes to your federated GraphQL schema by publishing and validating the subgraphs with Inigo. Configure your GraphQL gateway to retrieve the composed federated schema directly from Inigo rather than manage it yourself.

Composition on your terms

The Inigo CLI can compose schemas locally or compose schemas to Inigo in the cloud, where all versions of the composed schema are maintained.

Registry and composition

Track all versions of the composed schema in the Inigo schema registry via the dashboard. Validate that the subgraphs and the schema compositions are valid to prevent breaking changes.


CI/CD pipeline

Integrate subgraph and composition schema checks as part CI/CD to detect break changes during the development lifecycle.



Track all schema subgraph changes in a detailed activity log, and see if the passed validation checks.

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Getting Started

Supported by all GraphQL Servers/Gateways, Inigo acts as a powerful companion, seamlessly connecting with any existing open-source or commercial GraphQL implementation.