Inigo's flexible architecture empowers you to enhance your GraphQL API management across a wide range of environments and platforms. From Apollo to open source and beyond, Inigo seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure to bolster security, improve observability, and streamline API management.


Integrate Inigo with your Apollo Server, Gateway, or Router deployments to introduce enterprise-grade GraphQL observability and security. This integration provides deep insights into your GraphQL APIs, helping you monitor performance, detect errors, and identify security vulnerabilities. For a more comprehensive solution, consider replacing GraphOS with Inigo while retaining your Apollo infrastructure for seamless GraphQL API management.


AWS Marketplace

Leverage Inigo's integration with AWS AppSync to enhance observability and security for your serverless AWS subgraphs. Deploying Inigo via CloudFormation from the AWS Marketplace simplifies the setup process, allowing you to quickly benefit from improved monitoring and protection for your GraphQL APIs.


Google Cloud Apigee

Enhance your API management with Inigo's integration with Apigee on Google Cloud. This partnership significantly boosts GraphQL observability and security, providing you with the tools to monitor API traffic, detect anomalies, and implement robust security measures.



Strengthen your Hasura deployment with Inigo to add advanced security features like rate limiting and field-level GraphQL observability. This integration helps you fine-tune your API security and gain detailed insights into your GraphQL operations, ensuring optimal performance and protection.



Install Inigo's plugin from the Kong marketplace to significantly increase observability for your Kong deployment. Compatible with existing Kong plugins, including those for GraphQL, this integration enhances your API gateway with sophisticated monitoring capabilities.



Deploy Inigo within your Kubernetes environment to bring advanced GraphQL API management and security to your containerized applications. Inigo's Kubernetes integration ensures seamless scalability and robust security for your GraphQL services, making it easier to manage and monitor your APIs in a dynamic, cloud-native landscape.



Integrate Inigo with MuleSoft to extend its powerful API management capabilities to your GraphQL APIs. This integration provides enhanced security, observability, and management features, helping you ensure the reliability and security of your APIs within the MuleSoft ecosystem.



Connect Inigo with your Neo4j database to unlock advanced GraphQL API management and security features. This integration allows you to leverage Inigo's capabilities to monitor, secure, and optimize your GraphQL APIs, ensuring they perform efficiently and securely with your Neo4j data.


Open Source GraphQL

Inigo supports integration with various open-source GraphQL servers and frameworks, enabling you to add enterprise-grade observability and security to your existing GraphQL infrastructure. Whether you're using any open-source GraphQL, Inigo enhances your API management with powerful monitoring and security features.

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Supported by all GraphQL Servers/Gateways, Inigo acts as a powerful companion, seamlessly connecting with any existing open-source or commercial GraphQL implementation.