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Inigo named one of the Best New DevOps Tools by the Techstrong Group

Shahar Binyamin·

We’re proud to announce that Inigo has been named one of the very few DevOps Dozen finalists in the Best New DevOps Tools category. The awards hone in on the “best, brightest, and most impactful” DevOps and developer tools from the past year across several categories.

As always, the DevOps Dozen are put together by the Techstrong Group, the company behind some of the best developer-centric cloud native and security publications—including, Container Journal, and Security Boulevard.

Here’s what DevOps Dozen had to say about our platform:

“Inigo is a new GraphQL API management platform for DevOps/DevSecOps teams that offers a unique one-stop-shop for GraphQL API security, analytics, and developer productivity at scale. Inigo enables developers to avoid resource-heavy in-house tools that are costly to maintain and prone to errors. Inigo offers the absolute best developer experience around GraphQL APIs, so developer teams can scale with confidence and efficiency.”

We’re excited to be named a finalist in this newcomer category alongside some great new tools. If you’d like to throw your vote to Inigo as the category winner, you can do that right here!

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