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The 5 Most Valuable GraphQL Features According to Our Users

Shahar Binyamin·

GraphQL is evolving, finding features that not only simplify development but also enhance performance can be a game-changer. Our customers are always on the lookout for functionalities that can streamline their workflows and elevate their projects. Here are five GraphQL features that have not only caught their attention but have become indispensable tools in their development arsenal.

#1: Subgraph Usage Unveiled

Home_subgraphs.gif Ever wonder if you're flying blind without subgraph visibility in your GraphQL analytics? Fear not! It's now easier than ever to ditch the blindfolds and dive into meaningful resource allocation chats with your subgraph maestros.

#2: Per-Query Latency Performance – Visualized!

Observe_Latency tab.gif Sure, every GraphQL query is a snowflake, but let's zoom out a bit. Visualizing where each query's latency lies across the percentile spectrum can shine a spotlight on those not-so-speedy ones. Time to prioritize!

#3: Enhanced Usage Insights

Insights.gif The biggest pain we hear again and again is how GraphQL APIs poses a massive blind spot for both platform and security teams.

After a little makeover, our insights page is now easier on the eyes and the brain. Get ready for a more organized experience, with hero bars and crucial stats practically leaping out at you.

#4: Schema Change Log - Time Travel Edition

Schema _ Chang log_Light.gif A personal favorite – stroll down memory lane with our schema change log It's not just a fun pastime for you and your colleagues; it's also a detective's tool for uncovering how those pesky breaking changes sneaked into production.

#5: Deprecated Fields – Who's Still Using Them?

Deprecated.gif Feeling frustrated with those stubbornly used deprecated fields? With Inigo's heat-map view, you can now easily spot which ancient fields are still in play, along with the operations and clients clinging to the past.

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