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Google Cloud and Inigo: Innovate with GraphQL

Eric Murphy·

We are thrilled to announce a partnership between Inigo and Google Cloud. This collaboration leverages both companies' strengths to provide unparalleled GraphQL observability, security, and scalability for developers and enterprises building GraphQL APIs that run on Google Cloud. This partnership enables Google Cloud users to accelerate API transformation initiatives and ignite innovation with GraphQL APIs.

How Inigo Accelerates Your API Transformation on Google Cloud

APIs are the lifeblood of enterprise applications, and having modern and flexible APIs brings a competitive advantage — this is where GraphQL shines. Using Inigo on Google Cloud will accelerate your API transformation initiatives with:

  • Unified Management: Manage all GraphQL APIs in your organization with enhanced visibility and control, integrating seamlessly with your existing Google Cloud and Apigee infrastructure.
  • Optimization: Achieve optimal API performance with real-time analytics, monitoring, and alerting, proactively identifying and addressing issues with your GraphQL services.
  • Enhanced Security: Protect your GraphQL APIs with advanced security features, ensuring compliance with client authorization and safeguards against threats.

Google Cloud Supports Flexible, Scalable, and Cost-Effective GraphQL Deployments

In tandem with Inigo, Google Cloud makes it easy to run and manage GraphQL API services on GKE, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, and Apigee:

  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE): Provides a robust, scalable, and fully managed Kubernetes service, enabling developers to orchestrate containerized GraphQL services with enterprise-grade reliability.
  • Cloud Run: Allows developers to deploy and run containerized GraphQL services in a fully managed environment. With automatic scaling from zero to N, Cloud Run ensures that your APIs are always available and you only pay for the resources you use.
  • Cloud Functions: Run GraphQL APIs as pay-per-use functions for outstanding cost efficiency and scalability.
  • Apigee: Enables secure, scalable, and reliable APIs with traffic management, security policies, and developer tools to control any API within your cloud.

Whether your organization uses GKE, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, and/or Apigee, Inigo offers an easy integration and adoption path. Your teams can immediately leverage Inigo's benefits for their GraphQL APIs.

Advanced GraphQL Management with Apigee and Inigo

Inigo seamlessly integrates with the Apigee API gateway, bringing the best of both worlds by extending it with advanced GraphQL API management features, such as:

  • Granular Analytics: Real-time insights with tree views, heat maps, and operation metrics.
  • Robust Security: Enhanced security through authorization using role-based access control, field-level rate limiting, and operation limits.
  • Comprehensive Schema Management: Track schema changes with SDL navigator and diff view, ensuring consistency and auditability.
  • Easy Integration: Inigo facilitates smooth integration with Apigee, enabling it to observe and control GraphQL queries running through Apigee’s API gateway.

Accelerate GraphQL API Development

Inigo simplifies and accelerates GraphQL API development in Google Cloud by providing the following:

  • Automated API Deployments: Utilize GitOps workflows with YAML policies and CLI integration for consistent and automated GraphQL API deployments.
  • Quality Assurance: Automate checks for GraphQL schema changes to reduce the risk of breaking API changes for GraphQL clients.
  • Collaboration Tools: Use Schema Linting to standardize schema formatting and naming conventions. Construct, save, and share GraphQL queries using Inigo’s Explorer GraphQL IDE.

Google Gemini-Powered GraphQL Observability

When combining Google Gemini's AI services, Inigo provides a transformative advancement in API observability by leveraging AI to enhance developer interactions.

  • Integrate Large Language Models (LLMs): Inigo integrates the Google Gemini LLM to enhance GraphQL observability with additional capabilities.
  • Enable Natural Language Queries: Improve developer productivity by enabling natural language queries for complex GraphQL insights.
  • Insightful API Optimization: Identify areas for improvement, such as deprecated APIs and potential performance improvements.

Inigo’s SaaS Runs on Google Cloud

Inigo’s GraphQL management SaaS, powered by Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Cloud Run, offers these advantages for Inigo’s users:

  • Scalability: Inigo automatically scales its backplane services based on demand, improving performance while introducing cost savings passed on to customers.
  • Reliability: With Google Cloud's robust infrastructure, Inigo ensures high availability and disaster recovery; Inigo is always available to users.
  • Networking: Deployed Inigo agents connect to the Inigo backplane services over Google’s worldwide private network for improved connectivity and reliability for Google Cloud users.

Learn More and Next Steps

Visit our partner page on Google Cloud to learn more about how Inigo on Google Cloud can revolutionize your GraphQL API management and accelerate API transformation initiatives.

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