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Introducing the Inigo Starter Edition: Unleash GraphQL Superpowers for Free!

Eric Murphy·


Inigo empowers your GraphQL experience with cutting-edge analytics, top-notch security, and a managed schema, all at the core of our brand-new Inigo Starter Edition. And here's the best part—it's totally FREE! No credit card is required, and it will remain free forever.

So, what can you achieve with the Starter Edition?

Here's a glimpse of the GraphQL superpowers at your disposal:

  1. Advanced GraphQL Analytics: Dive deep with granular filtering and query-level insights.

  2. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Security: Fortify your GraphQL API with user profiles, user roles, schema subsets, directives, and allowed operations.

  3. Query Protection: Shield your system from malicious GraphQL queries.

  4. Rate Limiting: Limit the number of GraphQL queries to your server.

  5. Granular Rate Limits: Fine-tune rate limits based on your GraphQL schema, queries, and user profiles.

  6. Simplified RBAC: No need to write code for Role-Based Access Control; Inigo handles it seamlessly.

  7. JWT Token Validation: Wave goodbye to code for JWT token validation, including JWT signature authentication against a JWKS endpoint.

  8. GraphQL Schema Publishing: Easily publish your GraphQL schema to a schema repository.

  9. Schema Checks: Prevent disruptions by checking for breaking changes in your GraphQL API based on live traffic history.

  10. CI/CD Integration: Incorporate schema checks into your CI/CD pipeline.

  11. Configuration-as-Code: Configure all Inigo features directly from your Git repository.

Start your Inigo journey with the basics, like implementing query protection, and progressively unlock advanced features like RBAC and the schema registry as your needs evolve.

What's packed in the Starter Edition?

  • 3 User Seats: Get three team members on board.

  • 2 Inigo Services: Manage two distinct Inigo services.

  • 5 Running Inigo Agents: Keep your operations running smoothly.

  • 7 Days of Analytics Retention: Analyze your data with a week's worth of historical insights.

  • 5 Million Monthly API Operations: Handle millions of API operations each month.

  • Advanced Analytics: Dive into in-depth GraphQL data analysis.

  • Query Protection: Fortify your system with query protection.

  • RBAC: Implement Role-Based Access Control.

  • Object-Based Rate Limiting: Implement a default rate limit or fine-tune your rate limits.

  • Managed GraphQL Schema Repository: Easily manage your GraphQL schema.

  • Support for Various GraphQL Servers: It works seamlessly with many GraphQL server types.

And once again, all of this comes at no cost. If you happen to exceed the limits of the Starter Edition, don't hesitate to get in touch with us about upgrading your account.

Ready to embark on your GraphQL journey with the Inigo Starter Edition?

You don't need to switch technology stacks or migrate to a cloud-hosted GraphQL server or gateway. Just follow our Getting Started Guide, and you can deploy Inigo with a wide range of common GraphQL servers. And if your GraphQL server isn't directly supported, you can still utilize a sidecar or standalone deployment of the Inigo agent without losing any functionality.

If you have any questions about harnessing your new GraphQL superpowers, please reach out to us on our Slack channel or drop us an email at [email protected]. We're here to assist you every step of the way!

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