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Our New GraphQL Playground for Everyone: Public Explorer

Eric Murphy·

In our New GraphQL Playground Tour — Tracing Included blog post, we detailed our new GraphQL IDE for Inigo users. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we've decided to open up the basic features of Inigo Explorer to everyone, free of charge. No Inigo account is required to get started!

Anyone can now simply navigate to our public explorer and set a GraphQL endpoint. The schema will automatically be introspected, and you can start building your GraphQL queries immediately.

Explorer 3.png Explorer 2.png

Public Explorer Features

The public version of the Inigo Explorer offers the following features:

  1. Query schema navigation
  2. Query validation
  3. Query execution history
  4. Auto-insertion of variables from a query
  5. Preflight scripts (local storage)
  6. Query collections with the ability to save queries (local storage)
  7. Basic metrics (Status code, Response Time, Response Size)
  8. Light and Dark modes
  9. Support for an ?endpoint= URL parameter to automatically set the GraphQL endpoint for Explorer
  10. Support for a ?query= GraphQL Query to prepopulate the Query Editor (example link)

You get all these great features without any strings attached; just start using Explorer! All queries and the query execution history are stored inside your browser’s local storage; Inigo does not keep any of this data.


The public version of Inigo's Explorer offers essential GraphQL playground features with a user-friendly interface. The Explorer can be a stepping stone to trying out the Inigo platform.

Check out our recorded webinar to see a demo of Inigo's Explorer!

To learn more about the specific features of Explorer, please check out our official documentation for Explorer.

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