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Kickstart Your GraphQL Projects in 2024 with Inigo

Eric Murphy·

Unfortunately layoffs, hiring freezes, reorgs, and budget cuts took their toll in 2023 across the software development industry. Many GraphQL development projects were slowed or paused due to reduced resources and shifting priorities. The focus often moved to simply maintaining existing APIs for the remainder of 2023.

Yet the desire for companies to expand GraphQL usage in 2024 remains, and we heard as much at GraphQL Conf, GraphQL Summit, API World, and API Days at the end of last year. Many had ambitious plans to grow their GraphQL footprint in 2024.

Inigo provides first-class GraphQL-native observability, security, and federation for your GraphQL APIs. Inigo is the ideal GraphQL solution to kickstart and accelerate your GraphQL projects in 2024, as Inigo helps reduce costs and shortens the path to production with your GraphQL APIs.

Reduce Cost for GraphQL Development and Deployment

Given the hangover of reduced budgets and decreased development resources for GraphQL API projects in 2024, cost efficiency is necessary, and Inigo helps in these areas:

  • Inigo offers a free Starter Edition with up to 5 million monthly GraphQL requests
  • Inigo offers a cost-effective GraphOS Alternative to help justify the expense of your GraphQL Federation initiatives
  • Inigo works with any GraphQL server or gateway, so there are no complex and expensive migration costs
  • Inigo is a cloud-hosted GraphQL SaaS platform, so there are minimal extra cloud infrastructure costs (unless an on-prem deployment of Inigo is necessary)
  • Inigo’s pricing model is reasonable and scalable for all customers

Inigo helps projects move forward by fitting into constrained budgets while still providing all of the features expected of an enterprise GraphQL platform.

Bring Your GraphQL APIs to Production Sooner

Reducing time to production for your GraphQL APIs helps justify the business value of GraphQL and also helps reduce costs over time, and Inigo helps in these areas:

Also, by proving that GraphQL APIs can be quickly brought to production and deliver business value, it will be easier to justify the budget for additional GraphQL API projects across the enterprise for 2024 and beyond.


Many organizations faced severe challenges in 2023, characterized by layoffs, reorganizations, and budget constraints, which impacted the progress of GraphQL API initiatives. However, the enthusiasm and commitment towards expanding GraphQL usage have remained unchanged, as evident from industry conferences at the end of 2023.

Inigo is a financially viable solution for GraphQL API projects with reduced budgets and limited development resources. Furthermore, Inigo’s compatibility with any GraphQL server or gateway eliminates the need for costly and complex migrations, while its cloud-hosted platform minimizes additional infrastructure expenses. Inigo helps your organization justify and reprioritize your GraphQL initiatives for 2024.

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